Author Topic: Yahoo mail, how to disable automatic log-in sign-in.  (Read 3357 times)

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Yahoo mail, how to disable automatic log-in sign-in.
« on: May 12, 2010, 05:14:02 PM »
Yahoo automatic log in sign in how disable remove in Firefox and a note on cell phone log-in sign-in persistency across platforms.

I can find NO INSTRUCTIONS on any yahoo help page that shows how to do this. (If anyone knows where they are please post a how to).

The instructions from a search of the web all say something like "uncheck da box stoopid"..

This MAY be due to persistency of a sign-in across platforms(discussed below).

It is a two or three step process which is not hard, but all( 2 or 3)  steps have to be done.

In Firefox:

a)  Go to Edit, preferences, and then Privacy.

In the Cookies part, go to "show cookies" you will see a bunch of folders and Yahoo will have at least two down toward the bottom.  You will have to scroll down.  Click one of the folders and then click "remove cookies"...DO NOT...."remove all cookies".  Repeat as many times as necessary.

c) Go to Security and then the box "saved passwords".

Click it and you will see at least one, maybe more, Yahoo passwords, click it, them, and then "remove" not remove all.

This assumes that you KNOW your password and can re-enter it!  :biggrin:

The next time you open Yahoo you "should" see the password box with your sign in name and password "flash" before you and then it will be empty.

b) If the above does not do the job then between A and C above when you have finished with the cookies go down to Private Data and the "clear now" box.  When you click it you will see several boxes some of which are ticked and others are not, what you want to tick  to clear is "cache" and "saved form and search history".  Usually Browsing history is also ticked along with Authenticated sessions  if you do not want them cleared then un-tick them.

The important part is cache and cookies, you do NOT want to tick saved passwords that will clear out all of the passwords in part C above.

NOTE: Yahoo password persistency across platforms.

I couldn't understand why it was that I kept getting the automatic sign in when i do not ever do automatic sign in.

I think it is the "mobile Yahoo" on my Android Cell phone.  I use "Hi Yahoo" and it automatically logs in and I think that it then somehow "transfers" the automatic log-in on a computer, I don't know about this for sure, if someone has better information please share it.

I'll be checking it myself, but I don't use Yahoo on the Android that much.

This might change in the next iteration of FF if it does, holler or post your advice.

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